Association Representative Guidelines

Association Represpresentative’s Communication Patterns

Duty of Fair Representation

Learning Your Contract

Sample of Circumstances – What If?
What If? Guidelines
What If – A member is the victim of assault or a theft in the classroom?
What If – A member faces a conference with the building adminstrator where disciplinary action is threatened?
What If – A member complains the he or she is not getting OEA and/or NEA publications?
What If – A member dies?
What If – A member becomes pregnant and seeks advice on her rights?
What If – A member is urged to resign rather than be non-renewed?
What If – Members of your association are laid off?
What If – A member wants to file a grievance against another member?
What If – A member is involved in a student injury?
What If – A member thinks they have a problem and may need the OEA/NEA legal services program?
What If – An employer files a ULP against a member, a representative, or the association?


Role of the Assocation Representative in Grievance Situations
Balancing Interests in Advocacy and Grievance Processing
Don’t Judge – Defend
Keys to a Successful Grievance
Types of Grievances


Grievance File and Tracking Timelines
Grievance Form
Grievance Checklist
Grievance Forwarding Checklist
Informal Grievance Meeting Notes
Record of Discussion

Correspondence Examples

Accepting administrator’s resolution to a grievance
Letter of Concurrence
Non-waiver of contract language

Ohio Revised Code 4117.11:  Unfair Labor Practice